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Laminated Veneer Lumber

LAMINATED VENEER LUMBER: Laminated Veneer Lumber is an engineered, layered composite of wood veneers and adhesive, and an alternative to sawn solid wood. It combines the best of modern process technology with the aesthetic beauty of natural timber. LVL improves the strength of wood by dispersing the weakness from defects (e.g. a knot) over a larger area. In effect, It strengthens the weakest part of a lengthy wood.

Northern Plywood is a recognized brand for manufacturing the best quality engineered of Laminated Veneer Lumber. This Laminated Veneer Lumber is a product engineered multiple layers of thin wood assembles from waterproof industrial grade adhesives. These are the wood product manufactured under high pressure and heat. We use ultra-modern hydraulic presses capable of handling size up to 11ft and thickness 100MM.

Northern Plywood LVL adheres to IS:14616 standards. Northern Plywood LVL is environment friendly since it is made from Non-Conventional Plantation Timber grown outside the forest system. Impregnation pressure with chemicals make it termite and other insect proof. Northern Plywood LVLs are solid, highly predictable and uniformly engineered wood product that is sawn to consistent sizes and is virtually free from warping and splitting. It has high bending, shear strength and strength to width ratio. It is a strong, durable and stable substitute for conventional wood for buildings, furniture and any other general wood works. It has properties better than wood since it has eliminated all defects like knots, sloped grains and splits found in plantation wood. Applications

  • Door Frames / Chowkhats
  • Load Bearing Walls, Beams, Headers Window Frames
  • Terraces

Northern Plywood LVL are certified by major laboratories like Forest research Institute- Dehradun, NABL lab in Kapurthala etc. Northern Plywood LVL is extensively used by major construction companies like L&T, Tata Construction, DLF, Prestige group. Applications

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