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Grade General Purpose Plywood

Northern general purpose plywood is a special grade plywood manufactured as per Is 303. Our plywood is made from selected veneers of unmatched quality, designed to Maintain it’s original shape for years, resist rotting in high moisture, and has Excellent durability.

Commercial/BWR grade general purpose plywood (is 303:1989)

Northern commercial grade general purpose plywood is moisture resistant plywood Manufactured with dense sheets of core veneer and bonded under intense heat and Pressure using urea formaldehyde. It is specially and excellently formulated with Superior quality melamine resin under rigid and minute laboratory care and Supervision. Commercial grade plywood has more internal density and is devoid of any Warping effect, which ensures longevity of the product.

USP Of Commercial Grade General Purpose Plywood
  • Special grade plywood manufactured as per is 303
  • Higher tolerance to moisture and humidity
  • Resistant to twisting, warping, termites and borers
  • High internal strength
  • Strong core bonding that can withstand tough handling and rough environments


Commercial grade general purpose plywood is commercial grade plywood, which has A very high internal strength. It is used mainly in the interiors of homes or offices. It Covers the requirements of interior and exterior application and is majorly used in Partition and paneling, ceilings in public rooms and corridors, office interiors, Hotel interiors, residential interiors, commercial establishments, etc.

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