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Wooden Pallets

Wooden Pallets: Wooden Pallets play a vital role in the transport and warehouse industry. These are used for stacking, storing, shielding and transporting materials or packed items during transit. These pallets are handled by equipment such as conveyors, pallet jacks and the like, which requires them to be strong enough to carry the load.

Northern Plywood is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a comprehensive range of wooden pallets for making shipping effortless. We are known for developing a high-end solution for meeting the necessities of the associated industry.

We source the raw material from leading international vendors, which assure us of our end quality and its strength. We also have high-end calibrated wooden pallets for accurate and defined thickness. These pallets are used extensively in the fly ash brick industry, and chemical industry for stocking purpose.

These wooden pallets are designed and developed in our manufacturing plant to withhold burden and give long-lasting performance. Developed under controlled temperature and pressure, and after undergoing several treatments, the wooden pallets at Northern Plywood Plywood stands tall in its market for effective functionality.

We meet the requisite functional expectations of the shipping industry through our product. Known for their strength and durability, our wooden pallets are used for transporting heavy hardware, chemicals, electrical gadgets, perishable items and much more.

Complying with the industrial standards, it is our progressive and perfectionist attitude that helps us deliver standard products. We ensure a world-class manufacturing methodology, which helps us to meet the specifications of the product, which makes it durable and reliable. Our team offers its unmatched expertise in the pallet industry and ensures to produce high-end products, which fulfils the extraordinary functionalities of carrying heavy loads.

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