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Best Truck Flooring in Tamil Nadu
TB001 28MM Container Flooring

TB001 28MM Container Flooring - Best Truck Flooring in Tamil Nadu

Using sophisticated processes, Northern manufactures extraordinary long life densified flooring for Containers. The product provides a frictionless surface, bonded with superior grade adhesive making it high-density plywood, which processes excellent strength, durability and all weather resistance.

Northern Densified Container Flooring is manufacturers from veneers peeled from eco-friendly plantation timber and carefully seasoned to the required 6% moisture content. The veneers are rotary cut, smooth and free from knots and splinters. Impregnated with thermosetting of adhesives conforming to IS 848:1974. The veneers are finally densified under the controlled condition of high temperature and pressure.

Truck Flooring

Haryana Industry is well known Truck Flooring manufacturer for the automotive sector. Due to metal enforcement in Northern Truck Flooring, it does not bend. Northern Truck Flooring has high load bearing capacity. During the manufacturing of metal enforced Truck flooring, sheets of metal wires are assembled in between the layers and it is bonded with PF resin in high-pressure hydraulic press. Northern Truck flooring is known for its high density and strength. Haryana Industry is one of the best Truck flooring manufacturers.

Application : Northern truck flooring can be used in truck, commercial vehicle flooring & other industrial uses. Northern Truck Flooring can also be used in automobile sector deck, ceiling, paneling backrest seat, anti skid flooring etc.

Thicknesses : 12, 16, 19 & 25 mm
Sizes : 2440 to 3350 mm in length
600 to 1820 mm in width
Density : 0.845 to 1.00 gm/cm3