Aluminium claded Chequered

Almunium Claded Chequered : Almunium claded chequered bus flooring consist with treated hardwood and five bar 1.5mm thickness aluminium sheet is being manufactured in 3500-tonne capacity hot press by the hot & cold process, It is high densified product and use unsaturated polyester resin and high degree polymer phenolic resin for its composing.

APPLICATION: Buses Deck, Heavy Automobile Floor, Paneling, Seats, Back Rest of Seats, It can be used for sound proofing, Reduction in temperature and vibrations.

ADHESIVE: (a) BWP Grade (b) Unsaturated Polyester resin with cobalt and celerator spread at all four side of the aluminium sheet up to 4" wide.

THICKNESSES:9 to 12 mm SIZE: 8x4 feet Al. Sheet Thicknesses: 0.8 MM to 1.5 mm Density: 0.845 to 1.00 gm/cm3